Parent’s Page
This web-site is produced by SonPowered Publications, Inc., for the express purpose of helping children grow in understanding the world, God's wonderful Creation, from a Biblical perspective. A secondary purpose is to help children grow in their personal knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Professor Clod and his lovely wife Earnestine are characters Pastor Eric Young and his bride of over 27 years, Mrs. Patti, have used for many years to minister to children and help them to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. 

Thank-you for stopping by. We hope that you and your children will enjoy being here and will stop by often. LOBOC’s story, the Puzzles and Fun page and the Clues and News article are updated around the 15th of each month. Previous stories and puzzles can also be viewed and printed from the Story Archives page.

As your children grow in their understanding of biblical truth, we encourage you to influence them to express this in music, stories, poems, artwork, etc. Professor Clod would love to display artistic works by the children. To grant permission to display your child’s artwork, please email the work to Please include the child’s first name and age. Any items submitted will be used solely for display on the “Discovery and Fun with Professor Clod” website, and will not be otherwise shared or distributed.

Should you have questions or comments about this web-site, Please feel free to contact Pastor Eric at may also reach Professor Clod, Earnestine or Pastor Eric at:

8735 Rindge Road, Polk City, Florida 33868
Telephone: 863-512-5741